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This year we are holding a spectacular trek along the Great Wall of China and a cycle challenge from London - Paris! Sign up today for the adventure of a lifetime.

Scientists estimate 42% of Breast Cancer Cases could be prevented with healthy lifestyle changes, read on to find out which quick changes can help you prevent Breast Cancer.

Find out how you can help improve the lives of women with Breast Cancer by volunteering with us.

The Pink Ribbon Foundation support our Survivor Packs

In 2013 we are pleased to announce the Pink Ribbon Foundation have decided to fund our Survivor Pack Programme, giving us the chance to send out 1000 more packs than usual! Start your recovery journey by ordering yours now...

The Science of Epigenetics

Can you accidentally flick a genetic switch and increase your chances of developing Breast Cancer? Find out the science behind epigenetics with Dr Johanasson.

Read Rosie's Story

Learn about the experiences of others battling breast cancer. Here you can find brave survival stories such as Rosie's, advice from others living with breast cancer and a chance to contribute your own experiences.

Pink Recipe of the Month!

This month we’ve teamed up with nutritionist Alex Cook to bring you a healthy soup recipe packed with sweet potato and butternut squash goodness. It's perfect for those not so hot summer days when a salad won't quite cut it.
ABOUT THE BREAST CANCER PARTNERSHIP We believe that everyone has to work together to help prevent cancer. We support new research aiding Breast Cancer prevention whilst educating women on prevention steps they can take to lower their own risk. We also work with people recovering from Breast Cancer using a pioneering integrated approach to recovery based on research with over 16,000 cancer survivors.